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Dairyal Mine Simulation™℠®© is a unique Demo as service  to convert your  complex equipment into immersive experience. 

Experience the new age of product demonstrations.

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How it works

Attendies can step into the cockpit

Experience operating your equipment first-hand.

without the logistical hassle of transporting of large products or equipment


3X Conversion on expo day

Say goodbye to the hassle and cost of transporting large equipment for expos.

 Engaging Demonstration 

Create an immersive experience for your potential clients that beats static displays.

 Custom Solutions 

Our simulations are tailored to your specific needs,
using your actual equipment for authenticity.

What's More

Explore how we helped a leading mining company showcase their mining rig across international expos. With their actual cockpit and our technology, we replaced the conventional windshield with an LED screen for a 360-degree immersive experience. Users operated the rig with the actual physical controllers, delivering a realistic and engaging demonstration. Check out our demo video [link to the demo video]
to witness the experience.

Interested in revolutionizing your product demonstrations?
Get in touch with us today to learn more about our immersive simulation solutions.
We're ready to bring your product to life.

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